Monday, November 5, 2007

Awaiting treatment #3

(who said chemotherapy kills narcissm? )

Dear sisters,

It has been silent on your side of the ocean. Is it raining? Are you all preparing for a trip abroad again? We might mention S2's birthday last Friday, which we all celebrated in our own special way. Happy Birthday S2, we will celebrate again when you arrive in San Francisco this week. I will buy you a cake. How many candles? Oh, that many.

Actually it hasn't been such a great week for me. I start each morning fine and get taken over round the hour of two, by a fluish kind of nausea and body pain, my eyes streaming non stop, all of which requires a certain amount of attention I do not always give. So my word count for the book challenge is dismal so far and I am starting to get the feeling this chemotherapy thing is not finished with me yet. And treatment # 3 is already on us.

In between we did survive Halloween with minimal damage, a ninja warrior, a pirate, and four boxes of sweets to be managed for the coming months. I also went to church on Sunday, which you might find interesting. Jip's class was sponsoring the Mass. We brought donuts for after. A little girl stared at me and asked her mother if I really didn't have any hair underneath my bright purple chemoturban. Her mother said "sshhhhh". I was also included in the school prayers this morning at assembly. So all is well on that front.

See you on the othere side of #3,

Love S3

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Anonymous said...

you look amazing sistar ! i send you all my love and strength for the coming treatments, im thinking of you all the time and especially on tuesdays, they are strange days over here. Im now preparing a new post, sorry to have been so quiet but i have been collecting some arty photos for you both. Tomorrow i have my first consultation with my teacher, i will let you know more when i know more. At the moment im painting the elements of the planet, starting with water from an old slide picture of nanna on the beach in Blackpool.All my love Take care and rest well. Glad to hear you are in good company! Bear hugs from the east.S3