Thursday, June 18, 2009

The power of the internet

I think we should all get us a wolf shirt


Ribbons ribbons

Dear sistars,
apparently this is the first colour photograph ever made and i think it is beautiful. Its of a ribbon. Just wanted to share that with you !
ribbons of love and fun to you all !
S3 in Prague who is spring cleaning her room

a piano for you

Friday, June 12, 2009

this year's prints

Dear all, greetings from Prague ! Another school year has come to an end and i hereby send you the visual results of my productive printing year. Hope you enjoy the colours and wishing you all a lovely summer full of health , love, happiness, creativity and a general feeling of well being !
This is the final year exhbition installation, this is my own personal little space, i am very honoured to have been given it ! On the table are more drawings, black and white prints( the ones you all got for christmas) and a selection of my photographs, some that i have posted on the blog before.

These two pictures are a selection of the drawings i do to prepare for a print.

This print you might remember from after christmas, its called " the puddle " and this one has stronger colours than the one i posted before.

This one is called " bird's nest" and if you look closely you can see some birds hiding in her hair.

This one is called happy accident as i put the yellow coloured plate the wrong way round when printing and it came out quite nice.You can see more clearly how you need one plate for each colour.

But this one is my favourite. Its from a photo i made seven years ago in the south of england in a reflection of a slide with the colours the right way round.

This is of a jazz festival tent in antwerp we went to a few summers ago .

This is the same one as the mexican hammack but without the outline drawing.

This is a little painting of a bustling mexican market with the umbrella lady selling cheese.

This is a window cleaner in Prague airport , the last print i have done so far.

This is part of the window cleaner print, its the plate showing the soap bubbles on the window.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon ! All my love !
sister in Prague