Saturday, November 24, 2007

keep it clean!

Yes, well, what can I say? It was a labour of love. As you should know by now, I gave up on voluntary slavery sometime ago...although perhaps I was a little hard on myself in my expectations of being an instant superauntie, overnight. I am still reeling from the crash course in instantaneous parenting, I honestly don't know how you're doing it and you're having chemo, the mind boggles; I don't think I passed the test, but it is great to be so accepted. Such unconditional love, I'll have some more of that, please! As you accurately guessed, S1, I am resting somewhere quiet, and now my car has broken down, so I think I'll rest some more in the safe haven of parents' house in Brussels. I will do my overdue translations here on the laptop you so kindly sent after me at great expense via UPS to New York. I'll pay you back for that. And I am sure the universe is really excited to read about the underwear. Pity you didn't put them in the UPS package.

So how did all that last-minute forgetting happen? I put it all down to sleeping patterns. I am still on SF time. More soon, much love! Watch this space for revealing pictures and untold secrets about S1.

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Anonymous said...

Well, odd socks mostly. I have added them to our odd-sock pile, which has yet again taken on impressive proportions. S1