Saturday, July 23, 2011

the summer idyll in the country...

Dear S1,
Here we are again in Sweet Normandy. The parents, S2, S3 and our male companions too. Not forgetting the cats whose fur is fluffy and fresh, they smell of cut grass...

Rouen yesterday had a highlight or two: the requisite perusal of antique books and a Kriek Tindermans beer in "Le Diplomate" next to the Palais de Justice, but the Macaron Glacé at "Les larmes de Jeanne" topped them all. We all tripped off our feet and into the air for a split second with the sugar rush. All of it coated in generous sunshine. Not so this morning, unfortunately we did not make a photo of us in our rain apparel which I am sure you would have enjoyed. Despite the precautions we got absolutely drenched and cut the walk short in an uncommon bout of sensibility that suddenly came over me. It was no doubt the cold drops of water running down my neck. Luckily there is the splendour of an "after rain walk" in which everything shines and sparkles as if it were gold.

We miss you all x and wish you were here to enjoy it with us. Unfortunately no Macarons Glacés are left but we do recommend you make a detour for one when you swing round.
Love and kisses,