Sunday, November 25, 2007

S3 is thinking of you very much

Greetings you adventurers! I thank you sincerely for the previous lovely posts! gorgeous pictures! Am glad the aunty qualities are being put to good use, I am preparing myself to do the same as it is my turn now to come and visit you s1. I am already saving up for it and guess what is on my christmas list this year ? Well parents, a little helpful donation to ticket would be great! I promise to be good!
In the meantime i am preparing a suprise package for you s1 that i will send in the post, the real post consisting of paper, envelopes and stamps! yes im old fashioned but i like it and i will be sending you pictures of my face and life here in Prague , so prepare yourself for that. A little prechristmas present, lets say its for Sinterklaas.
Here it is getting colder and darker by the minute, its only five oclock in the evening and already it is pitch black outside. So i am mainly keeping snuggly buggly warm with green woollen magic finnish socks on my feet and wooly longjohns and a yorkshire woolly jumper and a balaclaver on me head. No its not very sexy but its warm and i am happy.
All is well at school , am printing away ! and here are some old photos just to say i am thinking of you all the time and i send you all my love and strength!
will write soon and send you some fresher pictures as soon as my downstair neighbour lends me the photo transporter!
big hugs

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