Sunday, April 19, 2009

musical mood

Dear all,

Tis i again sending you a little song that i like as well , my classmate gave me a big collection of groovy music and i especially like this one . Its called heartbeats and i like the beginning of the film. Enjoy !
Love S3

Saturday, April 18, 2009

sparkle sparkle

Dear sisters,
Before i send you a long essay here is a musical introduction of a music band i really like and cant stop listening to , i love the colours and images in the video clip as wellmy favourite song and video of the moment , hope you enjoy too !
Lots of love
thinking of you !

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Dear sisters,

Legoland is an amusement park? I had built up this warped idea of a lego garden of eden, draped in sunshine, with ripe, multi-colored lego bricks growing on luscious trees, ready for the picking, Judy Garland skipping along.

All those people did not appear in my fantasy.

The green dragon ride was favored, so was the Hidden temple, although the three minute ride in a jerky lego jeep, shooting laser guns at dusty lego objects, was a debatable trade-off for the 25 min waiting line.

But the weather cooperated. Despite the rain predictions, the windy mist cleared up on the first afternoon, and we actually had sun. Legoland was enough after one day, we all agreed. On Sunday, Jip won the 2nd prize in the hotel Easter egg hunt. In the afternoon we drove down the coast and ate pho (A. was starting to shake after three days cold turkey.) Monday, the pandas at the San Diego zoo showed us how lounging is really done.

Now back in SF, the sun is shining and spring break continues. I am trying to get the kids and their friends to the park, but they want to stay inside and play lego. I will tolerate it for another half hour (hour? 1,5 hour, 2 hrs? ) while I write this post. Then mandatory fresh air for all. Including myself.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Dear sisters,

A long awaited mini-break to New York without kids, started with Rosie coming in at 6 ' o clock in the morning saying the magic words: " I am not feeling very well" , after which, to prove the point, she threw up on my side of the bed.

As Rosie was even more worried than us that her three day sleepover would be cancelled, she insisted she was okay. We willingly believed her and left her behind looking rather pale. Needless to say she threw up some more as we enjoyed our inflight entertainment system on the Virgin American flight to JFK. She was taken good care of and recovered within a day, but it did not make the best start.

New York was great, blustery and wet.

We were six and ate a lot, including an experimental mouthful of smoked vanilla ice-cream, which tasted exactly like a campfire. I did not like it much. We jumped the line at Topshop which had opened its first US store the day before. I tried on various items from the Kate Moss line, which unfortunately made me look like a transvestite. We even squeezed in a yoga lesson and shanti shanti-d with our friends.

Will report back after our next outing. Easter weekend in Legoland.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

table dancing

Just some random images of a table dance i spotted when in the new contemporary art space of Prague called DOX. Here is their website, notice the nice architecture and there is also a lovely cafe where they make one of the best coffees in town
The reason i am sending you all this is because i want to entice you all to come and visit me !

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama is coming to Prague

Dear sisters
As you might know by now Obama is currently on a european tour and tomorrow he will be arriving in Prague. We are all very excited, but as the czech government has collapsed there will probably be no one to meet him so my good friend came up with a brilliant idea and invited him for coffee at her film school in the centre of Prague , this is the same place where Brad Pitt came to meet us. ( see old post)

obama coffee invitation

I will keep you all posted and let you know how it goes.
Does anyone want an autograph ?
All my love