Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post christmas hue , pre new year resolutions

Dear sisters , what is this ? Am I the only scattered one left out there ?
Have you both become "unscattered" ?
I must admit I am still definately scattered and I hope you are too.

Here is a little post christmas / pre new year Quiz on the origin of words :
( from a book lying around that had been under the tree )

a)Latin for "who is?"
b)Hindi for "unclaimed property"
c)Chinese for "escape"

a)A ball of yarn
b)A skeleton key
c)A love letter

a)Japanese for "singing under water"
b)Japanese for "howling"
c)Japanese for "empty orchestra"

a)An Algonquian prayer
b)A Celtic war-cry
c)Russian for "repetition"

a)French for "sulking room"
b)French for "gun room"
c) French for Peeping Tom"

a)A riddling lizard from Greek mythology
b)A treasure chest
c)The book of Theseus

a)Swahili for "grandmother"
b)Dutch for "earth pig"
c)Croatian for "Jesus"

Thats it for now , you can send your answers now if you please and they will be posted in the new year . I am sure that you can not wait. Be strong.

And now for a series of Happy Birthday images for the scattered sister number one !
( Yes, one day late , I am sorry but I have lost track of dates due to christmas indulgences ,home made carrot cake and 15 episodes of the Killing)
But my instinct did not let me down , I knew that your birthday was a few days after christmas :)

Here is my birthday present to you , a postmodernist dress from London, I hope you like it.

And here is a lucky coloured sneeuw vlok blob for the new year :

And to peacefully and gracefully end all my brabbles I present both sisters and compagnons and family and friends with a song in appreciation of a lovely christmas , it was great.

Eartha Kitt , Cest si bon

( Thankyou Sister Two for introducing this amazing singer to us :)

Lots of Love
Happy New year and what are your new years resolutions ?
Mine are to do a tap dancing course and to be healthy and happy and to keep to my resolutions!


P.S. Let the wise Owl look over us and protect us all :)