Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A book?

Dear sisters,

Now that we have the drama of the shaving of the head out of the way -do you realize you are all carrying a superfluous amount of hair on your heads?- I can get back back to the order of the day. Like writing a book in a month.

E. convinced me with one measly word to sign up for
national novel writing month with her.

The idea, which is to write a novel during the month of November, is of course ludicrous.

Writing a book in thirty days, a book meaning a lengthy work of fiction of 50,000 words, that is just under 2000 words a day, is no mean feat. Writing a book in a month, of which half that time my chemo brain will not tolerate anything other than re-reuns of 'America's next top model', does not give great prospects for success.

But it sounds like fun to me.

I just need a little inspiration.
(Relax, mam I will not do a "Richard Billingham" " of our family. Maybe just a few bits and pieces here and there.)




Anonymous said...

hi cousins

thinking of you all!

Good luck with the book challenge and loving the latex leggings and ostrich feathered coat

Dorcas x x

scatteredsisters said...

Hi Cousin,

Good to hear from you. Have spotted you on Facebook now and then. Life seems okay. Yes?