Saturday, July 25, 2009

back in town

Dear sisters,

The annual 11 hour transatlantic flight with two kids and one adult had its usual high and low points. One particular low point was being asked if I could please dress my child as it was not considered appropriate - there are other people on the plane! - for a child to be running around in her underwear.

There was of course a reason she did not have her clothes on. The second drink of the flight, half an hour into the flight, sticky apple juice deftly hooked by the back of her foot as she leapt up suddenly, covered shirt, pants and seat. No, I did not have spare clothing. I thought about it that morning, but that did not have the desired result of actually putting them in my bag. So the clothes had to dry. And in my defense she was wearing underwear AND her sweatshirt, when I last looked. Before she once again leapt up and decided to got to the bathroom on her own, loudly. The bathroom we were sitting right next to.

Highlights were the pulling of Jip's tooth, thirty minutes of sleep by Rosie, five minutes of playing hang man with Jip without him asking how long we still had to fly and the thirty minutes of beauty treatment by Rosie, although it meant allowing her to rub a combination of organic hand sanitizer spray (orange lavender)and moisterizing cream (rose) into my hair and on my face. Our neighbors did not complain about the smell, which I kept expecting them to. The constant weighing of my peace and their bother.

But back safe and sound. Up at the crack of dawn. Now off to my jetlag overcoming yoga class.

Great to see you all,

Love S1x

Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Sisters,

Here I am enjoying the silence of Normandy with our father.

We have enjoyed watching landings on the moon and some old 1940s black and white Powell & Pressburger films (all very dramatic, yet filled with optimism) and enjoyed commenting on the regional accents, or what posed as such. We have seen a blazing sunset, om U tegen te zeggen almost as blazing as the rockets blasting into space... As often, we have sunshine and wind and rain in fairly equal portions, cats flaked out on the beds all day long, and some experimentation in cooking. The father is a willing guinea pig and has been very polite about it. Here is a beautiful link he showed me, which I have decided to share with you all. No post-production, thousands of negatives were used. An old Olympus advert.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jaia jaia and other sounds from Crete

"Trust me", our yoga guru Rusty said after the first yoga practise of our seven day yoga retreat, "You can all do this" Come along with me".

We did, we trusted him, feeling stiff but energized after the first session which was vigourous but do-able. When in the next day or two we were kindly requested to lay our leg in our neck, which our fellow yoga practitioners did gracefully, we started to get an inkling. The backbend push-up, ten times, was really the give away. This was a little beyond our level. Most of our fellow yogis had done at least one teacher training somewhere along the line and teach a class themselves back home. Otherwise many years of practise showed in their body and elegance of pose.

And there we were, the strange pasty smiling couple, stiff but determined, roly-poly's with less than a year of yoga. We were probably not even that fun to be with because we had decided to go along with the flow and not eat meat, drink coffee or alcohol for a week; resetting after a week back in the homeland with too many nights of friendly encounters. My body appreciated the gesture.

And we had a great time, sleeping a lot, dreams filled with the chanting of the day, and coming away determined to do yoga for the REST OF OUR LIVES, eat as little meat as possible, and come back next year slimmer and bendier.

We even got into the camp element of dining with the group and can't wait to get back into the San Francisco yoga schedule so we can hug all our new friends before the class starts.

In between the two daily yoga classes, we drove around a bit in our little orange car pretending to be tourists. We saw where Zeus was born and visited a lepar colony. Sometimes we just relaxed in our air conditioned room, avoiding the dry heat as much possible, as we are.

Now, thrown back into the real world, where there are more people like us, I am slowly adjusting to a little meat in my life once again, a beer at 5 'o clock. It is not difficult in Normandy. From yoga in the heat, to gastronomy in the sunshine. This while I hear my husband, back in California, is learning about the intricacies of the morning banana diet. He is getting a head start on the leaner him, competitive as always.

Sisters, meet me at nine in the morning on the deck for yoga. I have a dvd.

Love, S1

Sunday, July 5, 2009

getting up to tricks with bells...

Dear Sisters,
It has been a wee while; there has been the question of a project in Bruges, ERROR #13, and then Double A-side in London as well, both are very satisfying and new. Now I am preparing a performance in Bruges on the 11th of July: I will keep you posted!
It involves, perhaps unsurprisingly, bells, although I promise it won't involve me hanging on them like this man is doing.
Big kisses,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ode to Pina Bausch

A wonderful woman died yesterday. Beautiful, strong, determined, inspiring , amazing choreographer and dancer, inventor of dance theatre, still dancing to her last days.
Full of love.
May she rest in peace forever.

balloon faces

Hello dear sisters ,

Im back in Brussels and there is a heatwave here , consequently i have turned into a balloon and my friends too! Just to prepare you for when we next see each other i prepare you with a few photos.
All my love , S3