Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

burning man, it has been digested

The bearded man in his gold lamé mini dress rythmically twirls the fiery batons as he moves to the hypnotic boom boom music coming from the Robot Heart car, the crowd gathered around in a circle, clapping and cheering, feet stamping and arms in the air.


There's my husband in his utility kilt, furry cape draped around his shoulders, and his green fuzzy bear hat, flaps pinned back, looking ravishing. The two pink circular glowies stuck onto his chest, like two large nipples, make him easy to spot in the dark. And there is our friend M with spectacular glittery eyelashes and twirly things on her face and in her hair. Her costume tonight is a mix between Medusa and Cleopatra. Of course the other M, in his tiny tenniswhites - his Bjorn Borg outfit - hair braided, is not far, his red boxing boots moving to the beat. I am dressed down in shocking pink.

We are waiting for the rocket "launch", which it does with many colorful explosions and the smell of gasoline.

Later we cycle in a nine-man formation, sometimes long and sometimes wide, sometimes we lose someone , having only glowies and the blinkies to go by, and then we find them again. We cycle towards the lights. It may be the giant rubix cube or the crazy ping pong balls. We stop at the slide and the fiery beast, where we can push on big pedals to release blasts of fire. They like that here, and we like the woosh sound too, followed by the ten seconds of daylight and heat glow.

Far out in the dark, a little speck of light brings us to a wooden boat thing with a decorated room in it. Someone is sleeping on the floor, but we are invited to play the piano anyway.

More cycling, any which way we like. We can cycle in circles if we want to, and when we want to, we stop and park our bikes, hoping the orientation point we choose has not moved by the time we want to find them again.

Sometimes we just stand still and look at the horizon filled with pink, purple, yellow and blue light dots, as far as our eyes can see.

Carl Cox, an old favorite, opens his set with a version of this song at the Opulent Temple. We all like that.

During the day it is hot and dusty, naked people, It is true what you have heard, but not so scary. What they don't tell you is how the sky changes every hour of the day, there is beauty in a dust storm and space in the desert. And so much else to see.

Mad max fairytale land, I didn't even see half of it. I am now regretting sitting in that chair under the shade structure for so many hours on the second day, but it was hot after the night before, and I am a sissy.

Sisters, thanks for looking after the kiddo's. they still talk about that whipped cream on their chocolate milk. Was great having you here.

Love, S1

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let Jag

Greetings earthlings , How.
The let jag, lag jet, jag let is slowly coming to an end. But boy was it worth it to be in San francisco for two weeks , the magic wooden boat surrounded by mist and sunshine. Those radio posts on top of hills really look like ship masts when you walk up a hill and see the mist roll in over you and all the colourful houses. I had a brilliant time and really fell inlove with this city. If i have to summon a few highlights it would be chocolate soufflé , yoga twisting , fresh sea air, golden gate bridge, Martha's coffee place, pink flowers, Mary Poppins sing along , coffee toffee icecream, steep hills and palm trees , healthy organic food and plane simple happiness. Thankyou !
I wont go into detail of the jet lag that followed but here is some visual evidence of what happened to us. Believe it or not , these are your sisters 10 000 feet in the sky, they are not neck cushion aliens , rest assured.
Although sometimes i had my doubts. We watched startrek on the plane and when we got home i found this little gem of a video from an old startrek series, i couldnt stop laughing but that might have been the jetlag taking its toll. Please watch it to the end, its very amusing.( i think i still have jetlag) funny video with great acting

Yes, did you watch it to the end ? i will send you all a questionaire about the clip with difficult questions like" what did he do after the spanish tapdance on the nose ?" Who ever answers me first will win a a pair of spock ears.
Moving on , here is another clip that reminded me of the night out we had amongst us sisters, it was truely magical and i will remember that chocolate soufflé forever !
It all seems a bit like a dream now, the drink we went for after in the Tosca was quite surreal as well. The high ceilings and the juke box were fun. Here a song that S2 chose to play , good choice ! Just a gigolo

And here is a wonderful song that is meant for you and this blog, its by Antony and the Johnsons and its called you are my sister

Ive been listening to them a lot lately and its perfect music for settling back into Prague again. Yes, i am back in my eastern dark valley forest. And its indian summer here, lovely warm weather. As you might have already heard i lost my voice due to a cold but i think its because i said before leaving that i wasnt looking forward to speaking difficult czech again, so i lost it completely ! I had to whisper to the taxi driver where i lived and he just laughed and said i would be an ideal wife if my voice stayed away like that, i wig wagged my pointing finger saying " no, no " and then had to thump my hand into my fist to show that although i cant talk i can still punch !
Welcome back to Czech land.
Anyway, i have rested well and my voice is now back again , although i sound like a a man after heavy drinking. In any case, i am looking forward to speaking czech again and i love this difficult language, really i do , deep down somewhere.
It was great fun seeing you all and i had a lovely summer.
Take care and hopefuly see you all soon!
Love S3

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the tunes of the sparkly tuna fish

Here is a favourite song of mine that i must share due to the catchy tune and wonderful dancing !
Its by The Knife and its called
you take my breath away
Enjoy ! Sayonara ! S3

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On my shoulders

Here is another great song of The Do that i recently cant stop listening to.
Its called On my shoulders

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Just a song for the moment while soaking up this blue sky ,pink boudainvillae flowers , sunshine ceiling sparkles , sea air, golden gate bridge and general good atmosphere.
Its by Jazzanova and this lovely song is called L.O.V.Eand You and I