Monday, November 19, 2007

S2 has left, leaving behind a laptop and a few bits of underwear

Dear sister 3,

Well, S2 was put to slave labour while she was here, or that's what it must have felt like to S2 at times; getting up REALLY early, entertaining the kids, emptying the dish washer, cooking, folding the washing. S2 held well.

I think she might be relaxing now somewhere very quiet or at least somewhere that is child unfriendly. But it must be said, Jip and S2' sense of humour was suspiciously alike. The word "buttock" did send them both off into an equal fit of giggles.

On Wedenesday I started to feel beter and managed to take S2 out.

We got a parking ticket, but what can one do when there is a one-hour parking limit and a 70 minute foot massage? Afterwards, we left the car with the ticket under the window to have lunch at the "Burmese Superstar" on Clement Street. And we got a crepe to go as desert. That is a good day spent, chemo or no chemo.

On another day, we had a picnic and an old fashioned milk shake.

We got let into the rehearsals at the Opera house by S2's friend, who was working there.

We saw the retrospective of Jeff Wall in the Moma, and agreed this picture looked a bit like S2's room, in THE OLD DAYS. Not anymore.

And finally we found some logs for you S3, from San Francisco, really big ones.

With love,


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Anonymous said...

Thankyou S1 for this lovely post and beautiful pictures, it warmed my heart to see them and read about s2's visit. Im in the progress of wanting to publish a visual answer but the friendly downstair neighbour who lends me the photo transporter to computer is not at home so you will have to do with some old pictures from a few months ago. But they are still fresh in thought! All my love! Cheers for the logs from SAnFrancisco; they are real whoppers! WOW! I am honoured! hugs galore ! S3