Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sister #2 has arrived, it rained for two days

Dear sister 3,

Thank you for your pictures. Very pretty in Prague. It sounds very practical, giving branches. They probably last longer than a dozen roses.

Here, sister 2 has arrived. She says she LOVES San Francisco. And that was only after seeing our street and Highway 101 (in the dark and in the rain). She is such an optimist.

But it must be said, after having to keep her in for two days, the sun did shine brilliantly today. We took her out in the car and she whooped with glee (fear?) as we went up and over the hill at Diamond @ 20th. S2 really IS going to like it here.

I am also feeling a little better. I have got through BLACK THURSDAY, bad-movied my way through DARK GREY FRIDAY and found on Saturday that a walk to the post-office was an achievement, needing a few hours rest. Luckily S2, Jip and Rosie found each other on a level that included a lot of shrieking, giggling and scuffling downstairs, leaving me be. I did not even think to ask. I believe S2 should pace herself, otherwise she will not last the week. And I want her to last the week.

The friend I mentioned before, the one who shall remain anonymous, came up with the goods. That is to say I underwent my medical experiment. I took a few puffs of the best medical marijuana in town and ended up sitting in a corner trying very hard not to grin incessantly like a horse, baring my teeth, lips upturned, and speaking very loudly. I decided I had better lie this one out. When the first effects wore off, I demanded two bowls of ice cream to counter my very dry mouth. So yes, it temporarily relieves the symptoms of chemotherapy and is definitely more pleasant than all the chemical stuff they give me, but I cannot recommend driving or conversing with another human being while doing it.

Undoubtedly you will hear more from us as the week progresses. S2 might even have a take of her own.

Love, S1


Anonymous said...

Wow you travel a lot if your are in Praha one week and SF the next ... less cold in California than in Czech Rep?


scatteredsisters said...

Yes, Anna, in this department, for some reason, I am very fortunate. It does help having sisters in two other cities/countries...the weather is SF was unbelievably delicious for a place that is, I am told, usually covered in fog, and Prague this summer was mild in a wholly pleasant way. Travel is a luxury and I do believe (and experience every time) that it is very very good for the soul and spirit. I wish you much of it.

Anonymous said...

Haha, by now I have understood that there are several of you, I thought it was all one person, in multiple places at once.

You are right, travel is best, and I send you many greetings from my temporary freezing home NYC.