Saturday, November 24, 2007

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Where to begin in my account of San Francisco, family style big time, and New York, held tightly in the bosom of old friends?

I really enjoyed being so maximally integrated into the family, and the unconditional love is really great!! I so wanted to help you S1 and in doing so I think I overdid it a bit, in being hard on myself...I just wanted you to feel okay, but the weird thing is that medicine is objective and just doing its job and making you feel bad (not that you show it); and we are standing on the outside unable to fathom what's going on inside of you, so all I could do is give you a foot massage or get on your nerves by telling you to eat up your vegetables. Must be the last thing you need. I don't know if I was of any use to you, but I can tell you the visit did me a world of good.

You never told me about the in-sink-erator.

As you indicated, my trip was somewhat haphazard as far as remembering goes. I just remember all these really amazing things happening to me. Like, having my feet squished by "David" the Chinese reflexologist at U2 (going way beyond the pain barrier, I thought it was cultural!)70 minutes long, and laughing because he made my toes dance; being awoken by these two fairy children (time does take on a different dimension) at hours which quite corresponded to European daytime, watching the daylight progress in patches, going up and down some really steep hills, bookstores, LATTES! Being thoroughly spoiled by you and A. in the shape of a very dinky and desirable newly released piece of local engineering to help me out with my mobile musical enjoyment at the touch of a fingertip, and then taking me out to lunch on top of a skyscraper. Despite your condition, dear Sister Uno, you managed to convey to me some of the exhileration you must be feeling whilst living in CA. I see you all as true adventurers; and you are doing it your way. I have always been amazed by the way you manage to pick the comfiest neighbourhoods to live in. I am also relieved to know you are surrounded by such kind people who are helping you get through this. They have hearts made of pure gold and they shall go straight to heaven. Just so you know this, Isabelle!

The night I arrived there was a really big oilspill and Jip and I would scour the newspapers every day for more news about the oil-covered birds. This during his chocolate milk after school. I didn't realise he couldn't have it with cream. He didn't tell me either. The oilslick was kind of like me arriving in Italy in February and the government falling the same day. I decided not to take that personally, either.

I didn't expect to be reading the newspaper to a 5,5 yearold but then I didn't expect to be explaining gravity to him either. And yes, the buttock joke was a huge success. I only said the word and he started laughing. When I told him bottoms are composed of two buttocks there was no holding him. And I even hadn't told him the joke yet. ("says one buttock to the other: it's quite windy down here....") I think there is still some mileage in that.. I am sure he is destined for greatness, though, because he started inventing his own:

"Two sailors are sitting on a boat. One of them says: hey, look, a frog! and the other one answers: There must be a horse in the water."

Sheer mastery. Your son has a real surreal streak in him.

I have some very beautiful images of the visit, I think. As soon as I get my car moving again I will write to you some more. In the meantime, much love.

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