Sunday, November 11, 2007

a bouquet of logs for you

when someone loves you in Czech Republic they give you a log instead of flowers...
When i was in The high Tatras i was given a huge branch of a tree by Yetti
and he has repeatedly brought me and squashed me with huge logs
I put it down to culture diffrence and just accept it
its these little differences that makes it so interesting living here
So here i send you all a forest of love


Anonymous said...

In Portugal when you are in love with someone you gove them a rooster ... a black rooster with colors on it and a red crown on his head ... and in Switzerland if someone has an eyelash stuck in their eye you will remove it with the tip of your tongue, very gently, if you love them.
Logs are a bit more huge, no??

Oh, I like your outfit. Where did you get the coat and the shoes, what brand are they?
I'm in cold country too at the moment, originally from Portugal, so I don't know anything about winter clothes brrrrrrr ...

Nice blog!

from Anna

Anonymous said...

Anna Thanks for your comment on international love habits! Yes logs are a bit big but they last longer than roses! and you can use them as small tables to put teapots on! And now for some winter fashion tips ; good green coats can only be found in a second hand shop in brussels called Les Petits Riens ( little nothings ) and the boots were bought last winter in a czech shoeshop called Bata but unfortunately are not made anymore. So all i can advise you on how to survive in a cold country is layers, layers and more layers! A warm hat ,gloves and woolly scarf are essential. I am not ashamed to also mention woolly leggings! ( very warm!) and moonboots should come back into fashion i think.
Befriending a hairy bear to cuddle is also good and i definately reccomend lots of dancing !!! Keep warm wherever you are ! bye bye , S3 in Prague