Friday, September 14, 2007

thinking of you in Scotland

greetings from a hill in scotland.
greetings from various hills in scotland, and the glorious light and the feeling we had in the fairy woods covered in moss and sunlight. beautiful view. asking ourselves how did we get here? feeling lonely at the beginning and open at the end of the walk. black cows and luscious green grass, a tenderness we tasted in our dinner.
people spend 1500 euros rent on a one bedroom appartment in the countryside. how do people do it.
greetings from a pub in scotland, we had a beautiful meal.
the staff laughed at our jokes.
greetings from the edge of the mc ewan's beerglass.
greetings from the redbrick, or more like, orange brick houses here. sandstone. beautiful tiles in the hallway.
greetings from the airport with the twenty men in kilts.
with feathers in their hair and breath smelling of beer.
football fans. sister one we are rooting for you.
love from sister two

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scatteredsisters said...

What are you doing in Scotland? The purpose of the visit? I was not told of this globetrote. Let me know?