Sunday, September 16, 2007

is our mother really an eco warrior viking ?

Yes sisters , you most probably have heard our mother brag about how she is an eco warrior viking.
but how much of this do we actually have evidence ? Yes it is true she enjoys gardening and is even into composting now and has rather a larger than tiny nose but im afraid to say that she sometimes forgets to turn the lights off and i have never seen or found any viking hats lying around the house. I have just put her to the test and asked her a daring question " can you tell me why you are an EWV exactly? " "Because im strong and healthy", was her reply. Hmm, interesting.
I do not wish to make you doubt sisters , im just looking for truth , love and peace
but i have here real evidence of our mother in her younger days acting as an APACHE warrior ! And who is that handsome dashing young man with the moustache ? Is this proof our father might have hidden the fact that he was once a moustache warrior ?!!
I know this is a lot to take in at once sisters but i believe it is for the best that the truth is now out in the open for once and for all. Ok good luck and strength to us all ! By the way , i believe our mother is the third blond one who appears from the left. Here it is , i wait no longer, here are our
apache parents' hidden secret past , courage !
love S3


scatteredsisters said...

It all becomes clear now. S1

scatteredsisters said...

well...I still have a few questions.