Friday, September 14, 2007

Introducing...the BUTTERFLY HUG

Dear Sisters,
I have been meaning to tell you about this for some time. It helps trauma victims to recover remarkably fast, and if you're feeling down, it also helps. Don't ask me how. But it does! It has something to do with connecting both sides of the brain.

Here's how you do it: when feeling distress, or down, or anything, cross your arms so your hands are touching the tops of the opposite arm. Close your eyes, think of something nice, like a safe place: somewhere you feel really good, like floating on the ocean, or sitting under a tree in Normandy listening to the wind talking through the leaves. As you visualise this happy, comfortable place, which in your mind you can walk around, and make really three dimensional, alternately squeeze one arm, then the other. Keep this going for a while and soon you'll feel a great sense of ease coming over you. It helps getting thoughts unstuck. It helps redressing balance and it gets you through difficulties.
It helped 80% of child war victims in Bosnia. It will help you keep in a good mood. We love you that way. By the way this is for both of you. It works with me.
love from sister two

ps: this is what they do with EMDR therapy. I have yet to find a clear description of it on the web. But it is very, very effective.

pps: if this fails, I'd recommend some more gregorius.

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scatteredsisters said...

Thank you, I will try it. S1