Friday, September 21, 2007

Insects and sunsets

Dear sisters,

Singing lesson again today! This time I was told to look for insects in my voice!
Here, let us pay homage to the uncertain fate of the cricket behind sister uno’s fridge.

It is a Californian cricket. If you go to "previous species" on that site you will find their songs to be quite varied. The beauty being in the exciting, variegated patterns.. Best to let it play once as it loads; the rhythm will be irregular because it is loading. Then let it cycle. Such soothing sounds! If the cricket’s silence gets too much for you, you could record this and place it in a loop, and have it as a soundtrack….

After my lesson I went for a walk by the sea.

And, yes, I had poffertjes by the sea. With sunset. What you see is the sunset, and the sunset as it was shining through and reflecting off the poffertjes café window.

I send all this light to you both and your many and varied affective extensions.

Love from Sister 2

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