Friday, September 21, 2007

farming, heebeejeebee blues and rainbow dancing

Greetingz all you lovely earthlingz ! Whilst sister two eats poffertjes at the dutch coast , sister three is preparing for a twelve hour bus trip to the eastern lands.
I am keeping it short , just wanting to end this inspiring two month stay in the western country called Belgium in good spirit, so here is a little film , the sort of thing you would enjoy to watch on a twelve hour bus drive for example, but i think within it are hidden some golden tricks for us all, wherever we are in this world.The message is music is good for us and so is farming!
And now for some sister bonding , here's a little tune for our possible future performing trio

And just to round it all off here is an experimental film from 1936 called the

raibow dance

I hope you enjoy !
Love Sistar 3

1 comment:

scatteredsisters said...

Thank you dear sister tre,
I told you singing to cows is good for them!! Now we have evidence.
Only when I tried it in Scotland the lady bovine replied by having a pee. Perhaps we should, indeed, embark on a trio?
What do you say sister one? You up for this?