Sunday, September 9, 2007

just an ordinary sunday

"Are you the magician ? " was the first question asked to me this sunday morning at the train station Jemelle somewhere in the south of Belgium.
"No , im the puppeteer,almost the same thing , well i wish i was the magician ! " i answered to the blue glasses blonde girl who turned out to be my taxi driver. I was then wooshed off through lots of luscious green scenery ( yes that means it has been generous in the rain department this season )
wooshed off to a small village festival celebrating twenty years of childrens events or something like that , i didnt quite get what it was but i was there to do three paid puppetshows in a green army tent , so i didnt really ask any more questions , i just did my job. A nice little spot with a clean stream flowing past and trees bathed in coloured confetti ,children playing wooden games , a life size minifootball match where kids were attached to bars like a real table football layout and had to kick this ball but could only move sideways ( yes its hard to explain but is worth mentioning )
and then there were these giant dwarfs with blue outfits and red polka dotted scarfs walking on stripy yellow red stilts ( no i was not high on morfine but had been offered a glass of red wine by the organizers)
sausages being cooked on a giant metal (medieval) disc , a storyteller who i shared the army tent with for the performances who eats flowers as a hobby and told a beautiful african story about the baobab tree and a rabbit, it was about opening ones heart to one another.
And then there were more children climbing up a wall with ropes , a make up stand and hompa bompa musicians playing waltses with tubas covered in travelled stickers, the drunk trumpet player dancing with a funny fat lady
but best of all was the village accordeon group called " les accords du son " written in big gold letters on the white drumset. The drummer had a haircut from i dont know which era or planet but it was quite marking.
And then there was the magician who i had been mistaken for before , a nice man with grey jacket, glasses and only nine fingers ! no really ! he transformed two living turtle doves into a living rabbit before my eyes!
A drum made of horses skin, children walking on an almost invisible line two metres above and about ten metres across the river, a little parrot of ones of the villagers standing at the bar.
Yes , you could say there was a general laid back feeling about this place and day. I didnt really know where i had landed but enjoyed it quite.The puppetshows went well, children laughed at the right moments and applauded ( always a good sign) one child burped really loudly during the show but i blended it into the story as if it was all meant to be.Now im back in Brussels , have made myself some haute cuisine leftover pasta with pesto and have just watched "Bend it like Beckham" a really good feel good english indian film, i reccommend. And now for something completely different , no high tech stuff involved , just 1000 hands
Enjoy! Glad to hear operation went well, keep up the good work!
love S3

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