Thursday, September 6, 2007

Look, I can post one handedly!

Dear sisters,

THE THING IS OUT! Cut clean. I have donated my tumor to the tumor bank. Any takers?

With hindsight it wasn't so bad. A day of not eating, waiting and being asked many question by many people, many of which were the same. When did I last eat, How much do I weigh?, Am I allergic to anything? Have I had surgery before? What is my name? Date of birth? Am I in here for a partial mastectomy of the left breast, disssection of the sentinel lymph nodes and possible dissection of the axillery lymph nodes?

So much for my i-phone, fully loaded with music, films and audiobooks. I couldn't concentrate much.

I can highly reccomend the "something to relax you" they give before going to the operation room and also the painkiller they give you at the slightest hint of pain after waking up. It doesn't just kill pain, it sends you flying high as a kite. I had my own little Burning Man on the fourth floor of the east wing, with my man-made morphine, Coco Rosie on my i-phone and my new accoustic noise cancelling head phones by Bose.

The feeling of elation was defintely helped by the news that the lymph nodes were clean. Yeah. No, cancer cells to be found under the arm.

I crashed at about 5 in the morning, after a night of slipping in and out of a weird and wonderful sleep, when a headache came rushing in, followed by dizzyness and nausea from the anaesthesia. It was good while it lasted.

Now back home, walking around with a cushion under my arm, inbetween taking frequent naps and eating organic foods. Next week I hear what the next step will be. First step taken.

How are you, sisters?

Love S1

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