Friday, February 22, 2008

walls and ribbons and bamboo prints

Dear Sisters,

The sound of stretching, I like! It sounds like something we could all benefit from doing from time to time. I have always wanted to be a bird of Paradise. That is something to look forward to.

Speaking of birds, there comes a time for things some may say are trivial. But I have just, by chance, discovered an amazing website specialising is mouthwatering paper and fabrics and ribbons. Some of them are really good!

The website is and it is bound to cheer you up in a frivolous way. Or feed your obsessions. I so want the bamboo print paper to paste onto a wall. But as with most things I want I think I'll just paint it.

I have recovered more or less from my travels or should we say consumptions, and the wound on my hand has almost healed. It seems since then as if the universe has done a few turns already. All in a week's personal transformation. Oh hang on a minute, it always turns, doesn't it?

I have been scrubbing walls for a change, for a presentation I have to do next week; the space is mintgreen and the walls had, please note the past tense there, had, many years' accumulation of dust on them.

Now they have been washed with soapy water even though they still retain a hint of grey. I have filled in the holes and smoothed over the imperfections. I found myself feeling sorry for the walls and what they have endured through time. Maybe it was projection. Although I am okay on the wrinkles front. I quickly stopped that thinking as they are only walls. The walls have mud in them under the paint coat. It may be that like in the Verschansingstraat, my old street where I first lived in Antwerp, the walls were strengthened with horse hair. There's all kinds of strange things protruding from them and it seemed as if they were trying to tell me mumbled stories. I also couldn't help thinking they were grateful for their timely wash. Now the space smells really nice too. As of Monday the walls will no longer be mint green/grey, since they are getting whitewashed. By me. My hands deserve cream. But there's nought so pretty as colours on a white wall. So it's jolly well worth it.

Love from S2


Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I just stumbled upon in by chance by checking out "fabric and art" entries, and have as a result had the good fortune of reading witty entries accompanied by pretty pictures! I don't quite understand the whole "S2 / S1" concept, but the rest is great!

scatteredsisters said...

Thanks Luna. S1, S2, S3 stands for sister 1,2 and 3 There are thee three of us writing.