Sunday, February 3, 2008

Le bruit..

Dear Sisters,

For years I have been scouring the newsstands for magazines or newspapers that meet my craving for a certain mix of visual, textual and cultural information. I'd often walk away emptyhanded or wasting money on something second best to what I had in mind.

Now: check this out: Wound Magazine, finally a good fashion/arts/architecture/music magazine with wit, a healthful dose of self-deprication and some jolly good articles too, which are of just the kind of length and filled with bitesized visual and verbal tit-bits you really DO want to know, if you are anything like me, served in elegant portions digestable enough to be enjoyed at the kitchen table, with a coffee by the sofa in between translations or to enliven a solitary moment or so in the smallest room of the house..

This lot are bright, intelligent, endowed with the quality of not taking themselves all too seriously, and thus opening up facets of fashion to those who may have become estranged, or adding a spicy, scope-broadening reappraisal to fashionista diehards of every description. It offers possibilities of cross-polinitation and thereby avoids inbreeding of each presented discipline. Who ever said they were watertight anyway?

The design is gorgeous, and I only realised this when I read the articles and images: it is a fine marriage of photographic layout and elegant typography: design and editorial policies seldom go hand in hand this successfully.

They set their sights high; the title comes from this quote:

"The right reader of a good poem can tell the moment it strikes him that he has taken a mortal wound, that he will never get over it." Robert Frost
But as the quote says it also expects something of its readers.

You can view pdfs of the magazine on their site.
you heard it from me!

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