Saturday, February 16, 2008


Dear sister 2,

While you were galavanting around Europe (again!) in your patent blue cork platform wedges, I was hearing about the joys of facial hair growth, pig slaying and mountain bear wrestling from S3, who has obviously learned a great deal in the past year.

S3 has joined me for my first week of radiation, which has been smooth running. I may have watched too many cartoons because I was expecting a visible red beam scorching my breast every day. None of that. I walk into treatment room B, wearing my blue and white striped gown and hear classical music playing. When I lie down on the bed I see a starry lit ceiling. It takes a few minutes to align me with the help of my seven tattoos, but when in position my radiologists say: "Here we go" and run out the room. The machine passes over my head and two minutes later I am done. I don't feel or see a thing. I think the skin looks a little more wrinkled after a week and I think I am feeling a little more tired, but nothing definite yet.

The rest of the days are spent enjoying views from hilltops, sniffing in the spring air, drinking coffee in coffee bars called The Progressive and Coffee for the People and rummaging through second hand stores, trying on bright blue dresses in cupboards.

The theme for this visit is cars. We take pictures of them.

I took S3 to the indie filmfest. We saw a film in the Roxie theatre, that was so depressing that even S3 will no longer join me in the cinema any more.

So all is well. I still have to take S3 on guest program C and D, but we still have all of next week.

Love S1

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