Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pink laquered toenails and other things

Dear S2,

Just being here long enough, makes you want to do yoga. I have been hesitant, but now I want to do yoga too. S3 and I went to a yoga lesson today. I am feeling good. Stretched.

In fact, I have been singing in the car and feeling generally elated on an otherwise dreary day. I think we will go back to our pink toed, fuschia headed (male) instructor tomorrow. I have a long, long way to go. I was very impressed by the positions some people could manoevre themselves into. If I ever succeed in doing this or this , I will buy you both dinner! At the end of the class, we prayed - to all mankind, if I heard correctly - and ommed together in the heated, candlelit room.

This morning, in the radiation waiting room, we met two San Francisco policewomen. One of them was about to start treatment for a form of cancer "down there". She pulled up her Obama '08 shirt and cheerfully showed us the tubes coming out of her back, being used to flush her kidneys. They were both very near retirement age but couldn't assure us enough they liked a smoke of a joint now and then. Yes, I had just told them I came from Amsterdam.

On Presidents day - that was Monday -we went to Muir beach for a bit of fresh air and Allard flew a kite for Jip, but Jip was too busy looking for shells to show any interest. We were not alone on the beach.

Hope you are well and recovering from your travels, S2.

Love, S1

S3 says hello and says she will be posting as soon as I get off this computer.

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