Saturday, February 9, 2008

It was a scandal !

Dear sistars, This is the building i was zapped into for the last four days with my art gang , we were preparing our joint exhibition that will be there for the next two months but at the same time we had to each intensely talk about our artworks, starting at 9 in the morning and ending at midnight each day. WOW ! I must admit i felt a bit gaga afterwards but luckily Yeti came to rescue me and i was whisked off into the snowy mountains where he comes from. That definately helped clear my head.
Yes and here are my paintings of this first semester. Basically i got good feedback , i was told i they had never seen anything like it before and that it was all very original which is good , yes ? I was also told by the professor that it was similar to his american friend artists so i will have to czech out the american art scene while i will be there. But then i was also told i painted like belgian pralines which i think they only said because i brought a box of magic belgian chocolates at the new year for them all , so if they think i will do that again then they must be joking! hahaha
Anyway , i did not take off my clothes although i did have a little boobie dance prepared just incase they asked me ! But they didnt and i think the most scandelous thing that happened was a bit of cabbage falling on the floor and being eaten in the morning. Apparently if you drop something on the floor for less than five seconds then you can still eat it, thats what the americans say ,apparently.
So here is all the photographic evidence. I include only my pictures for the moment as i still havent digested in czech all the things my school mates told me, so i will save their pictures for the next post!
In the jolly time i am now packing my suitcase, preparing mentally for the big eagle fly towards you dear S1, Joepie !!!
I am just waiting for my swinmming suit to dry as i have been swimming today, but i already have my flower and leopard sunglasses and gardeners raincoat all prepared. I am very much looking forward ! Yes and you can promise a puppetshow for all your dear friends, only i will leave the breadbin at home and improvise with something i can find around your house as a theatrical scene......
So please all take care, keep warm and before you can say Jackrobinsonzebra i will be there to entertain you all !
P.s. we also visited a carpet museum which was very beautiful
All my love and musical harmony
Here i come !


scatteredsisters said...

ah yes the five second rule is applied often in this household. Luckily our floors are always spotless. Beautiful paintings, S3. I suppose they don't fit in your bag..?


Anonymous said...

dear s3
great images and stories.
have you arrived safely in sf?
i write this from london after a week in rotterdam in an exhibition i was in, and like your experience it was an all day and night affair, will elaborate on next post when i have an azerty keyboard in front of me. in london there is fragrant white blossom hanging on the trees, there is a beautiful golden winterlight, and i am about to go out and look for a yummy english breakfast...

Anonymous said...

Dear S3
Get S1 to explain to you how to turn images so they are upright...

You click on the jpeg and if you then click the right hand mouse it should say somewhere "rotate" to the left or right. But since you are a mac-girl these days perhaps it is different.
love to you both! S2