Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bearded ladies and blossom in San Francisco

Still digesting the creamy cafe lattes , the rainbows, the ocean, all whilst wrestling with my jetlag here in Czech Republic. Wow , what a trip that was !
Have found out that african dancing and gin and tonic are quite good to deal with the lag , i slept like a baby lastnight. And a friend told me that wrapping oneself in a blanket in an open space with lots of fresh air also does the trick but unfortunately it is raining here so i will save that one for next time. I must say dear sistars , i had an AMAZING time in San Fran ( american accent please for the real effect ) It all felt like a Jarmusch film with funny but friendly characters in it. I especially liked the girl doing her shopping with her woolly hat pulled over her face,feeling for the bread whilst peeping through the knitted wool, maybe she was hiding some unexpected hairgrowth but i like to think she was just feeling free to feel her way round the supermarket, looking at things from a different perspective.
Talking of hairgrowth we saw lots of bearded women for some reason , it felt a bit like a nineteenth century circus.
I loved the bookshops and the cool coffee places where S1 took me , Coffee for the people ! yeah !
And the roller coaster ride roads seeing breathtaking views from every corner
I also developed a bad habit of buying things
I think i got about ten books but its all for a good purpose, that of making me even more clever than i am now.
Yes San Francisco is definately a good source of inspiration ,with its fresh ocean air , its lovely shops and colourful streets . The people are also very friendly especially when they want to sell something to you
Me as a cold english girl was quite suprised by this californian human warmth.
In any case i loved it there and didnt really want to come back
i was getting quite used to our daily routines of going to the hospital for ten minutes in the morning and then having coffee and then doing a plan B or plan 23. I enjoyed very much being with the little monkeys and making submarines out of plastic bottles and cereal boxes.
I am definately coming back! Looking at my pictures i feel i took a few too many of cars and not enough of family so i am feeling a bit guilty. Next time we are doing a photo shoot for the oscars, okay !
This is just my first report on San Fran but there will be more to follow as having been to the other side of the world sinks in.
S1 i was glad to see you doing so well and you have a great family and great people around you there!
How is the pink toenailed yoga going ? Im going to start a class next week and give you a report on how my bird of paradise is developing . Thankyou for everything ! you are all sooo amazing ! ( american accent please) no but really you are!
All my love


Anonymous said...

Great stories, S3.
Can I say it once and for all? It's definitely. That's how you spell it.

scatteredsisters said...

thankyou S2, but kould we maybee leave my great spelling talent to emails instead of on the blog ?
I definitely know how to write definitely now but it feels a bit shtrange
definately cheers and giggles with that.