Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looking for eyebrows/style consult

Dear sisters,

All through my chemotherapy treatment I thought: "oh, well, I may feel as sick as a dog, but at least I have my eyebrows".
But last week I looked in the mirror and thought: "there is something not quite right."

No hairs on the brow, that is what!

Suddenly, just like that.

I don't like looking like a plucked turkey.

So, today I went to the specialized wig shop and pressed a bell to be let in.

-"yes?" I heard over the intercom.

-"Uh- I've come to buy some eyebrows..?".

- All right, someone will be with you shortly."

Apparently women usually opt for a "stencil on' version. The men prefer the stick-on hairy eyebrows. Now, I have bad connotations with pencilled on brows, so I refused to take his word for it.

I bought both options and would like your advice. Please let me know which you prefer.

The classy stencil and powder version (sorry, I left my eyelashes off this morning too..)


the elegant stick on brows

The third option is to continue wearing big sunglasses day and night and just hope my brows will grow back soon.

Please let me know. You might take into consideration that my hair is growing back GREY. This grey. Really, father's genes again. It might influence your decision.

Love, S1


Anonymous said...

Dear Sis,

Gosh, you do look funny! I think both versions are a little strange, but I am sure you can get used to this.. I am not sure 'bout colour though. Don't they have purple ones? With a little tint? What's naked look like?
Or white, or silver ones? Platinum blonde? Och, I dunnoo, dear Sister,take a pick, I am sure you'll look FABULOUS whatever you choose. You always outdo us on the stylish front, so why not with some stick on lashes and eyebrows? Although I am secretly hoping, that, like me, you will opt for the Frida Kahlo look, au naturel.

scatteredsisters said...

Au naturel, with thick bushy eyebrows you mean? no, no, I won't be upset. Naked looks naked. S1

scatteredsisters said...

Dear S1,
I like the elegant version of eyebrows, definately not the thick bushy ones au naturel
Sunglasses are good and look great on you
and that silver haircolour of yours is extremely stylish
People are paying lots of money to get that colour you know ! We are blessed with our fathers gene!
Eyebrows are funny things in general, i will do a bit more research in that domain and get back to you !
all my love S3

Anonymous said...

The advantage if you go for the FK look is that it probably all comes in one piece?