Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chemo # 2

Hello, dear sisters,

I am here, on the other side of chemo session #2. It went smoothly. It makes a difference when you know what to expect.
I have strange tingly feeling all over my body and a bit of a headache, but none of the dreaded nausea yet.
Kids are still spread across town, waiting to be picked up by A.
A parent from Rosie's school just dropped off a meal for us, which (for now) smells really good.

This will be the session that makes my hair fall out. They are already fallling strand by strand, but nothing major yet.
To compensate I have bought a second hand ostrich feather coat. I will wear it with my latex leggings.



Anonymous said...

this is a great blog! i just came across it by chance, and love the photos and texts! very special, lots of humour and poetry.

s1, good luck with the chemo treatment; everything about going through that process sucks, but listen, i'm a breast cancer survivor, a mother of a young daughter, and trust me, after you get through this you are going to be even more of a wonderfully-eccentric-dragon-angel than you seem to be now!

very best,

scatteredsisters said...

Thanks Any, appreciate it.
I really hope your right about the eccentric dragon part.. S1