Friday, October 19, 2007

some colours from Venice

This is me jumping into the Venice sea, no not really but it is something i felt like doing whilst visiting this amazing mystical crystal city. I was very lucky to get the very last ticket of the three day and two night school trip to visit the art biennale. Two days before the destined departure i went to a little office with a runny nose and paid 6O euros in cash , ten hour bus ride travel, three star camping site, breakfast and art event included; amazing. I would say an occasion one can simply not miss.
As you might have noticed i am very happy to finally be able to share snapshots with you , but i still havent figured out how to put the writing between the images , so just take it as a visual poem. I am also very glad and proud to say that i visited the exhibition that sister two had installed and written about in a previous blog. It was truely magical to see this mind blowing exhibition where time literally stood still and it felt like i was captured in a timeless jewellery box lined with deep velvet filled with treasures and stories. I could feel our sisters presence around the light filled palace and i was very proud to tell my new sparkling school mates that it was my sister who had painted the words on the staircase. They were very impressed and said she is very talented but that we all knew already.
We also went to lots of beautiful little and big churches, lots of shining candles and peacefulness inside.
I am thinking of you a lot sending you all my strength sister one, did you receive the rainbow maker yet ?
I am now drawing from life model every morning from 9 to 12 and every evening from 5 to 8 , so my hands are aching a bit from all the drawing but i am enjoying it immensely. Next week we are starting to print, so expect an artwork in the post soon!
I send you all my love
hugs galore
love S3

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