Saturday, October 27, 2007

The deed is done

Typing with hairs on my keyboard was starting to get annoying. Playing "pulling mama's hair out" wasn't so much fun after all. The time had come to do the deed. This afternoon, round about noon, all my hair came off. I now look the part.

I always wanted to know what it would look like, although only for five minutes. The alien look takes a little bit of getting used to but, after a little cry last night, it is a relief it is off. I don't think my children are going to be too traumatized by the event. They spent the afternoon gleefully chasing each other with my hair on their head.

And here, as mentioned before, my latex leggings and ostrich feathered coat. Now with the added bonus of no hair. Just before popping off to the supermarket.




Anonymous said...

All i can say is that you look amazingly beautiful.
The new look suits you very much, you look like a famous artist.
Amazing sistar
You get all my respect and street credibility
all my love to you

Anonymous said...

Yes dear sister, too bad all the other blogreaders can't get to see your beautiful face as well! You do look fabulous. Can't wait to see you in real.

Lotte said...

You look damn cool!! Rock chick! xxx

ps tot over paar daagjes, can't wait!