Friday, October 12, 2007

a teeny weeny world

Well, about five minutes after I published my last post, the frst wave of nausea set in, so I took my pills as advised and was basically knocked out for that night. Wednesday was okay for the first part. Got up to help get the kids get dressed in the morning. Managed to answer some emails. Had to get my neulasta injection at the hospital in the afternoon, which pimps the production of white blood cells. I got over-confident and persuaded Isabelle, who took me, to have a coffee and a sandwich, as we were out, but I then was caught by a very sudden and unsuspected wave of nauseau, including a few hot flashes, so we had to go home straight away. Back to bed. Thursday was just not very good at all. I bascially lay in bed all day, watched the film Factory Girl, which wasn't great, but it certainly got mixed up in my drug aided dreams, which also included massive objects being pushed through my window, me trying to pick Jip up from school, but not being able to see anything clearly, strangers walking in my house, Lizardy escaping: all very peaceful. The evening was better. And now it' s Friday. I am feeling nauseous again, and lying in bed - HEY, when is this going to stop?!! - my teeny world is being kept that way by the elements. It is raining. Tick Tick Ticking. My intended walk in the fresh air must wait. I think I will surrender now and watch Showtime.


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