Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Frequently asked questions

Dear sisters,

The first most frequently asked question, when telling people I was going to have chemotherapy, was:

Can you drink alcohol during treatment?

Well, lately the thought of alcohol has been far from my mind, like coffee, but no one wants to know if I can drink coffee.

I have looked it up, as I didn't think to ask. One or two drinks are probably okay, as it could relax you and increase appetite (not exactly necessary in my case), but obviously the less the better. Yet again, like during pregnancy.

The second question, asked by those living in San Franciscio, is whether I am eligble for a marjiuana card.

The same people all tell of someone they know, or have heard of, that inhaled marijiana ("which is natural and must be better than all those pills") and did not have ANY bad side effects from chemo. This sounds good. On the internet you can also find many studies that have found that marijiuna can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy dramatically. It sounds like it's worth a try at least.

In San Francisco you can get a marijuana card if you have a medical reason for needing it. With this card you can buy marijuiana at so called weed clubs spread across the city. There are a lot of people with back pain in SF, I can tell you that, as there are more weed clubs than Burger Kings and McDonalds put together in this city, or so I have been told.

Cancer is on the list of eligble diseases. I looked it up. But you need a doctor to sign off for you, and mine won't. I asked.

So I am pushed into the arms of the underworld for this experiment- or maybe just a phone call to a friend, who shall remain anonymous, who knows someone with really bad packpain..

I will keep you informed.



Anonymous said...

Right on! Thanks for these postings, S1! My gorgeous girl is going to start chemo treatment in a week and it's so reassuring to hear someone who's already going through it keeping their spirits up! I'm going to tell my wife about this blog, I think she'll find you inspiring.

All the best to you, don't let 'em get you down.


scatteredsisters said...

Thanks Stan,

Good luck to your girlfriend. S1x