Thursday, May 24, 2007

wishing you a good weekend

ahoj as we say to one and another like sailors
in this eastern country without a sea
do not ask me why
i am just passing a quick note to wish you all a happy weekend
i will be spending it partly in a village helping my friend shoot a black and white 8mm film
partly in a pscychiatric reserve with lots of trees doing my new puppetshow about the sea
its a huge music theatre festival called between the fences
and im quite curious
i will send you pictures of the results

take care , have fun , see you soon

by the way , thankyou for birthday wishes
i had a lovely day
and as for the presents
very amusing
i cant wait to pick my nose in public with a plastic cup and a clear face
but i just want to remind you i am no longer fifteen
have entered a new era
complexion wise as well
but thankyou for the concern sister
im sure it wont do any harm
sistar number three

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