Friday, May 4, 2007

a different kind of stick

kitty helps me sometimes to get my thoughts clear. Thank goodness for that. I recommend you all get one. Still haven't been to the church on the inside in St. Nick but the cellist has a house nearby so we established that the bell tolls in E. He also told me that when renovating his house he had to kill 50 pigeons with a stick with a nail on it. I can't think why but part of me is impressed. Considering the refinement and virtuosity with which he plays his instrument (after all, using a stick with hairs attached, ie a different kind of stick) i think this is an interesting contrast... I have teased him enough about it. It's a busy time but I wanted to share these inspiring images with you.

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scatteredsisters said...

Beautiful pictures. And when, may I ask will we hear exactly what your are doing in St. Nic. ?
Sis 1.