Monday, May 14, 2007

dancing queen

after a few months of moping around after being kicked out of dancing school because i was too lets say avante garde
i decided enough is enough. It is forbidden to forbid and i will dance if i must
so i went with my friend to a small but cosy african club where there are lots of funny characters to be seen
lots of africans suprisingly and a few weirdos , nymphs and us ! but everyone was very chatty and friendly and then they announced they were going to do a dancing queen competion and they needed five girls to compete.
i was a bit reserved at first but my friend convinced me saying i would win and i hopped along and one by one with the nymph we did our little trot and i went a bit wild and imitated a horse and did some other unseen before very cool queenly moves...
there were applause and cheers and laughs ( because i was so good ofcourse !) and i won a keyring , a blue hat and a puzzle !
Just what a girl needs to keep moving ! I went home laughing and the next day too as i never thought i would do something like that and i thought it was a good story to tell . if you are lucky i will willingly try to imitate some of these new moves i invented, when i next see you all. well , thats all , all is well , and im enjoying my last day of four and twenty years , tomorrow i enter a new era of a century as a dancing queen. what else could one ask for? by the way , i think Jip is very wise. he knows that pizzamaking is very helpful to humanity and he just has a good sense of humour !
lots of love and before i forget here is a documentary film you should try and find , its really interesting and funny
its called Grey Gardens and its about Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie. Its by David and Albert Maysles. Its by the criterion collection. i reccommend it.
see you soon , enjoy the warm sun ! Byee from beerbelly

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scatteredsisters said...

I think you are obligated to show us the moves! I can't wait to see the horse dance. Maybe by photo on blog...?