Sunday, May 6, 2007

exhibition in Brno

Hello there all ! This is really the best i can do in sending you some art from my little postcard exhibition i have just hung up in Brno. My blog instructions are in german as my flatmates computer is from german switzerland so please understand the slight delay ja ?
Brno is a very nice town about 250 km from prague to the east, there are about 400 000 inhabitants so it is quite a cosy town. the poeple are very friendly and there is a general good feeling to this place. To my suprise i found that my little exhibition was in this amazing pink house in the middle of this gorgeous park where loads of people were playing petang around it inbetween the lovely trees.
i was amazed when i entered this grandioza building full of light and high ceilings. I walked through and found the space where i would hang my pictures , a long corridor leading to a garden and a glasshouse full of tropical plants . it is infact a centre of free time for people after work and school where they can do ceramics , drawing , looking after rabbits and plants.
It was very gezellig indeed and i immediatly felt at home there. In my next blog i will send you pictures of the place as this computer for some reason doesnt want to download pictures from my camera which is a bit annoyong . Anyway i hung them all up in these glass frames that were already hanging there and then i went for a walk around the glass house where there were all these monkey children having a watercan spray war to the advantage of the tropical plants. It was very nice and i spoke to the main gardener who turned out to be the most famous czech plant trimmer and had his own radio show every week ! I almost asked for his signature but in the excitement of the moment i forgot. It turned out he really liked english culture and people because they are fond of gardening like him , but he didnt like Winston Churchill because he signed the Czechs off to the germans at one point in history, woopsadaisy . But he had just started to learn english as Russian wasnt very ueful to him and he likes the doubledecker busses. Yes, who doesnt ? Whats this i hear ? They are no longer to be ? Is it possible ? Well absolutely anything seems to be . But to continue about Brno , it was lovely weather and when i finished hanging them i was quite pooped and went for a walk around the park and found this Huckleberry Fin tree in the late afternoon sun that was curved to fit my backs exact laying back position and i fell asleep in the warm sun, gorgeous ! Then it turned out that by coincedence some friends of mine from arty farty school were doing a sound performance, concert in this club in Brno and i popped along to see what was going on and to my suprise there were friends there who i hadnt seen in a long time and it turned out to be quite gezellig after a few beers . The concerts were interesting but nothing to write home about , that means they were very experimental and difficult to listen to but in the end we were a group of ten poeple going back to Prague on the train at one in the morning . After meeting a brazilian musician and speaking of world music we arrived at four in the morning in Prague and all went our seperate ways . And here i am again , back to normal life , babysitting and writing to my loved ones. Now i am wanting to make a new puppetshow AND I NEED STORIES PLEASE SISTERS , FEEL FREE TO SEND ME STORIES FOR PUPPETSHOWS ! lots of love, will write soon , love the blog ! hugs from not so blotchy as usual as cream seems to be working. P.S. will be sending you a painted postcard after the exhibition in june, byeee !

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