Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sugar Auntie, still reeling

Rosie had picked out the pompoms book after she had made it known that she wanted to enter the bookshop and I had told her she could pick out something nice. Naturally, and all children who live far away from their aunties somehow inherently know this, I wanted to be their Sugar Auntie, even if it is just for a few days. The pompom book was an active thing, a project if you like. Pompoms, glue and jiggly eyes were provided, as well as some step by step instructions showing you how to make a penguin, or a frog, or a butterfly... For the more adventurous ones among us, aliens were hinted at.

As we were making it and Rosie had said the eyes in the bag were scary, I realised they were. I also realised, a bit late, that seeing pompoms suddenly transform into cuddly creatures with faces and googly eyes could be a little too much on the abstract front for a 2,5 year-old. You know how the rest of the evening went, S1, for that was the day you came home from the cinema just to put them to bed.

Nevertheless, I do believe the children were happy with their crafty gift, even though Rosie had much fun pulling apart the little mouse we made together. I see that as just another facet of exploring construction and deconstruction...

The red clay was a great success (you know you still have half a packet left), as Jip built Pompei, just like that! Please remember you can paint the objects they made. I am also eagerly waiting a report on what happened with the Fimo, which we didn't get around to doing. Not to speak of the Chinese horse and dragon puzzles which I didn't quite succeed in completing!

And how is Rosie's bubble blowing?

What I learnt from them, other than that they are very psychic, very funny, and tremendously headstrong (in the best possible sense, ie in terms of expressed personality) and kind and loving (I am very serious), is that time breaks down into lots of little, joyful portions: two hours can contain as many as 12 little victories. Be it a new word adopted or an insight gained about whales. It is very rewarding hanging around children. They are amazing creatures.

Okay so perhaps I am just a little proud of being their Auntie. Can it do them any harm?

How are you doing these days, S1? You know I have tested my "ambulant musical device" and almost got run over by a bicycle. It is great fun indeed, especially the Spanish audiobook I bought, El Principito. I don't understand half of it but since I know the story it is sort of understandable and the narrator has a soothing voice. Also, nothing beats cycling home in the rain while listening to Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder. I wear my headpones under the spanking new white earmuffs of which I also bought you a pair, S1. I am waiting for some kind of photographic evidence that you actually do wear them from time to time. Rosie's puzzled look of: "what on earth are these?" should not stop you! Time to start educating her in essential fashion items...

And: how are you doing S3? Are you smothered in logs?
Until very soon. By the way I am still on SF time which makes for interesting conversations. It could be said jetlag is a cheap drug.
love from S2

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