Wednesday, December 19, 2007

another recipe and a book

Here is another suggestion, but I think we should just stay with the fresh garlic, okay? So maybe instead of garlic flavoured cheese, just take fresh garlic and add cheese on its own. Red, sweet potatoes are good.

Something tells me we should consult with the expert in the family, she who also possesses The Great Food Knowledge. I will see what information she is willing to extend to us over the Xmas period!

While I am at it, cos you can tell I really have the nutrition bug, I am reading this book, the Slow-Down Diet, by Marc David, which tells you lots of interesting things about food and the process, or should I say, presence of eating. It turns out we do indeed have a second brain in our gut. (that link summarises the amazing facts)

The book also has a very wholesome and human friendly approach to eating, ie not based on guilt but on presence of mind, and common sense. The way he explains it you really do want to slow down while you eat, and contemplate what you are eating. Food becomes your friend. So next time you are feeling lonely, smile at your food.

Meanwhile, sister 3 has arrived in Brussels, and is very tired from her travels and is relaxing on the couch. It was only yesterday that I showed her your Xmas card on skype, S1, when she was still in Prague, so you know it is wishing you all things Christmassy but it is a little bit know I covered for that by writing a really early one to you before I left your house...these new ones shall be aerial.

love to you both!

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