Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i pledge allegiance to the garlic press

dear sisters,

a little zap in-between. On the whole I feel pretty clueless as to what to eat and what not to eat for optimal health. S1's predicament has got me thinking more actively than I ever have before...

The French doctor David Servan-Schreiber who wrote the excellent book GUERIR (explaining 7 ways for dealing with depression naturally)called Instinct to Heal in the English version, has made a booklet which you can download for free, with graphs, etc, giving a keen indication of what is advisable to eat and what is best left aside. As you will see GARLIC comes pretty high in the cancer-fighting department. So I feel my instincts of overdosing on the vampire-repellent substance are somewhat vindicated; as it is also, it seems, cancer-repellent.

To be read by all. I am on the lookout for an English version, this one is in French thusfar. The booklet accompanies the book Anticancer, which I hope will shortly also be available in English! In the meantime the French version of the booklet should also provide some mental exercise!

This same doctor also describes the benefits of Omega 3. It has helped me immensely; order it at isodisnatura; on the Instinct to Heal site you can find comparative tables regarding Omega 3 tablets. (which is said to be helpful also with chemotherapy treatment)...

He also recommends walking, so your regular walks are just what you need, S1.

Here in chilly Belgium things are getting into a flurry before the Xmas period. I am happy to say that I now finally have hot running water (as opposed to luke-warm) although today when I got into the bath I ended up with lobster red footsies. I have never seen my feet that way before. They looked cool, I mean, hot, as if they weren't mine...very strange. I felt like part of me had turned into a Flemish painting of angels:
The above image is by Fouquet. It is rather obscene, something art historians are very proud of around here. I think it is very cool.

Here's to limbering up for a healthy new year, everyone, and don't forget those vegetables, I'll do the same!

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