Sunday, December 9, 2007

i love fairylights too!

So here you are dear sisters ! A visual refreshment of what i have been up to this month : my first painting and print in my art school( sorry my puter doesnt seem to want to download these pictures, i will try tomorrow morning), a silver teapot in my favourite cafe , a dog sleeping in an old cinema where i went to see Edith Piaf ( there are very nice costumes in this film ) , me in my ball gown getting ready for christmas day, me taking my daily bath in my spacious bathtub with fairylight costume on, the hight of prague fashion ; the fake leopard skin winter coat, a painting by the director of my art academy, my prince puppet in his snazzy breadbin, fairylights and more fairylights!
Otherwise all is well , am thinking of you all very much and am already in the christmas spirit. Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful time before christmas !
All my love

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