Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I want a bit of rock an' roll for christmas

I am thinking Bianca Jagger, Debby Harry, white shiny tuxedos, gold serpent bracelets, a night on the town. Not too much garlic.

Actually none of the above were included in my 'e-mail of guidance' to my husband. I gave him a lot of choice in gifts this year, not one functional or educational. I have been internet window shopping again, I'm afraid. Doesn't require much concentration and can be done in a horizontal position. I hope I asked for something nice.

I am doing quite well. Treatment # 5 was much better to deal with. Aches and pains and that 'darn' fatigue again, but the nausea has gone, just like they said. I have moments of clarity, which is refreshing.

Presently recovering from treatment # 6. I just had my Neulasta shot, to pimp the production of white blood cells, which it does, but it also gives me bone pain for a day or two. Tomorrow is my bad day, but at least I am able to watch a movie again. The only new addition to my complaints is a VERY low irritability level. Whining children trigger all sorts of things in my body. Mostly a desire to scream. It feels like a hormonal thing. I think they are being messed up.

My hairs are growing back. The hairs are too fine to observe with the human eye, as of yet, but I can feel them. I might just escape the brow and lash fallout.

Only two more treatments after this . We are getting down to the low numbers.

I have been absent from the blog. I had visitors again. This time my old friends AvT and M came for five days. We drank tea and they talked a lot and made the most of the low dollar. The $50 fine for excess bagage was reasonable considering the amount of purchases they made. It was good to have them here.

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit. Singing "away in the manger"around the Christmas tree, because Jip had to practice for school. I assumed Jip's ability to hold a tune was similar to his mothers and his grandfathers. Minimal.
But it could be our first big culture clash. This is the British version, how I have been attempting to sing it, and this is the American version, which Jip probably has been learning at school. Whatever it is, we both like singing it loudly, each in our own special way. Rosie likes it too. It is now number one request after Twinkle, twinkle little star'.

This is my gaurdian angel. It is in fact a candle but I will not light it. It was a gift and it shines. I like to fondle it.

To get you into the Christmas spirit, I will leave you with Rosie's daily mantra.

Loved the pictures on the blog, sisters. Hope you are all resting and fasting in preparation for next week.

Love, S1

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