Sunday, April 15, 2007

A house, a house

Dear sisters,

It is very quiet on the eastern front. I must assume the sister in Antwerp is painting a picture, so I will jump in and tell you all about our new house. Yes, we have moved and by golly, this is a good home. You should come and visit some time.

I will show you some of the more intereresting details:

First of all, it is big and blue and there is a palm tree growing in front of it.

We have a kitchen we can live in and a study with lots of cubby holes so we can organize our papers, just the way we like them.

Only the best from Ikea.

The owners left a grill which makes melted cheese on toast just the way it should be.

We cannot agree on the era in which this kitchen was built, but we agree it has got that special something.

Luckily we have a potion to stop bad guys in the house. What you do when a bad guy comes into your house is: you give him the potion, which he then will drink and 'voila', he will no longer be a bad guy!
Note wire to stop objects falling during earthquake. Note lack of decorative objects on shelves.

For now, this is the dancing room.

Upstairs we have wall to wall carpeting and a 55" plasma television screen, where Jip watches his educational programs. We also have a pipe to throw the dirty washing in, which then comes out in the basement. Much fun. The dirty washing now only has to come back up.

Last but not least, the doors in the master bedroom lead to an atrium with a non-functioning hot tub, but with functioning fairy lights for that all year round xmas feeling.

A grown up house. Very easy to get used to.

Love from Cx

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