Tuesday, April 24, 2007

LIZARDY: and now we are five

"Of course you can have a lizard for your birthday": I said, somehow envisaging a shoe box under Jip's bed with a few lettuce leaves thrown in, when he asked for one. But apparently a lizard is not a silk worm. We now have an albino leopard gecko lizard, named Lizardy by Jip, complete with tank, sand, rock, artificial driftwood, heating pad, heating lamp, temperature gage, vitamin dust, a water bowl, a feeding bowl for the worms Lizardy likes to snack on, and a box to keep the live crickets in; of which Lizardy eats about six a day.
After only two days, Lizardy is already a full member of the family and, as I like to remind myself when shaking the fidgety crickets into the tank, a lot less hard work, in many, many ways, than a baby brother, which was the other thing Jip considered asking for his birthday.

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