Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well , i must admit that it is difficult to compete with odd socks and fakeclaws!!! Thankyou for that O pasty faced one. I can somehow imagine your day to day life a bit more. I do not really have an interesting story to tell about my trip back because he was a really friendly czech driver( boring !) who lives in Antwerp but drives to Prague to visit his family every month. It turned out he was from the same village as the guy who drove me to Brussels with the dog and that he knew his family , he told me that his grandmother always walked barefoot as it was healthier in those days (?) We mainly spoke about strange czech characters like one guy who travelled around Czech Republic selling his dog to strangers, but as he trained it to always come back to him he made a little fortune , or that he once made a circus tent and people had to pay to go inside one by one and then got slapped and then a bit dazzled came out of the tent and told their friends to go aswell as they were too ashamed to admit they had paid to be slapped and so the journey went.
interesting. so you can imagine i felt a bit strange arriving back in this land of the absurd but i was greeted with homemade veggie soup by my new swiss flatmate , she is very nice and we speak the same language so all is well, oui oui. My room was full of bellorussian paintings and three living goldfish in a gurkin bowl my friend had left behind , this is a story in itself which i will later write seperately about , maybe in the next episode. anyway , the next day i went to an exhibition in the old town square of this czech woman who makes prints from drawings on metal , they were very nice . i especially liked the ones she made of the sea and a figure diving in it, it was very simply done with just dots into the metal, but you could feel the cleansiness of the water. it was a warm and sunny day and i just relaxed at home . I am now preparing for a little exhibition in Brno which is in the east of Czech in may , i have decided to make painted postcards of different sizes and send each picture to a friend and write a little poem on the back , yes sisters you are also included. So i am supposedly busy on that and also a new puppetshow which will be in two weeks ....Im looking for stories by the way so feel free to send me some . Im looking for a nice fairytale which is clever and fun at the same time . I have converted an old tv to a puppettheatre, with little curtains on it , all i need now are the puppets. Ofcourse i already have some puppets from other shows but i feel like doing something different like paperpuppets which are
light to carry and look nice too. I would like a story with animals , furniture that speaks and that is intended for everyone but essentially for kiddiewinks. So if you find any really good fairystory let me know.
While i am drastically busy reading fairystories at home i do go out now and again for example to do some babysitting as one does. I have found a replacement nephew who is seven months young and his mom is a good friend of mine ( who was born in San Francisco and lived on Russian Hill ! ) my friend is now studying directing at the film school which is just facing the river and we often go for lunch and walks after baby and film sitting. The school offered a room with a bed where she can nurse him , but only after granny bribed the keymen ( apperently that is a way of functioning here in the east difficult to get rid of ) Anyway as they sip brandy and drink english tea they are very friendly to us. So i am now discovering all the nice places to eat jummy food and have leisurly walks. I enjoy babysitting as he is sometimes very talkable and tells me a lot of worldly truths in babybrabble. And i am fascinated to discover how babies can experiment with high pitched whelps of crying...and laughing ofcourse ! When i get him to sleep i usually read. Im now reading the autobiography of Luis Bunuel which is very interesting, i recommend it, its called My last breath. I have also just discovered that i can watch films for free there in their library which is nice. Oh before this gets too boring for you i just want to share with you what i did on saturday;
I got up early and went to this really funny outside flea market, where you can buy anything from rinosponges to oranges to tintoys to german harps to birdcages to portable radios, of which i bought one and my friend bought another and we deejayed all the way home tuning into fifty years ago. I will take a picture of it and send you it as soon as i figure out how to work the photo part. I also bought some old postcards and a leather bag to go with my new Paddington bear coat to make the trainspotting look complete. Oh and then we went swimming in the cleanest pool of Prague , only it is ten metres long and it resembles the kiddie pool more than the real thing but it was good to move and get out and then eat an icecream to celebrate my first day of loosing weight. Okaleedokalee, write to you soon !
Love from even more blotchy faced than usual due to the Chlorine .
kisses !

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