Sunday, April 29, 2007

A few things I learned after hosting a party for eight five year old boys

After weeks (okay, maybe one week) of meticulous planning for the big event, it actually only took about five minutes for complete chaos to ensue. You could call it not having complete control over the situation, but I like to think we gave our son the bithday party he wanted. He does not like party games, we found, or do you think we misread the signal of stomping off upstairs, shouting: "I am going to bed NOW", half way through the party? Blind man buff, we will keep for next year. Or we just might consider hiring professionals to entertain in a confined environment.
When the party was over, we put Rosie down for her nap, Jip in front of Cartoon Network en we both fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Did you have a relaxing weekend?

With love,

The elder sister

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