Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YES TO ALL: Trickle Up Time!

Here's me looking at the brand new day.

Dearest Sisters,
A better birthday present than what the world received yesterday cannot be imagined. Tears and happy yelling in the kitchen, laughing, thought, action, ripples through our existence. Our lives may seem small compared to such momentous events, yet I cannot help feeling that what we do in the small scale can mean as much and is as significant as, yes, complementary to, what is done on the greater scale: it is all connected. This is the time for active idealists, in a general fashion, rather than as deviations from the norm. I can only imagine the elation felt by people in Africa, the United States, and what trickle-down effects it will have all over the world. Trickle-up effects! Europe in any case, or my little pocket of it, is elated and relieved. With thanks to the US citizens who voted for this change.

And it is so good to have good news coming out of my radio alarm clock, which since September 11th 2001 was consistently shaped by harsh news. Such items won't go away quickly, but how delightful it is to be able to shed new light on them: the light and determination of incontrovertible hope! All I can say is YES! or, as Sylvie Fleurie puts it, by way of Oscar van den Boogaard, 'YES TO ALL.' YES WE CAN. If we are looking for life-affirming mottos the above are great.


© nathalie hunter said...

dear s2,

was great chatin' yesterday, and,
ow me
i didn't realize it was your b'day!
well muchas felicidades guapissima
y espero verte pronto
y en

Anonymous said...

you are the eye in the sky
Looking at me
you can read my mind
you are the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
you can cheat them blind
And you dont need to see any more
To know that
you can read my mind, you can read my mind
si, feliz cumple aƱos y un saludo muy afectuoso