Saturday, November 29, 2008

A thankful impression or 14 adults and 7 children get together

Dear sisters,

Here I give you a blurry impression of our Thanksgiving, which is the right impression.



Anonymous said...

beautiful blurs! i love the colours! and the superman spiderman inspection ! how strange, is everything alright over there ? Joking , you all look healthily happy and blurry , what a feast !
love S3

Mireille said...

Let's get the party started. Love your pink cocktails (pic 2)! Kus, Mireille

Anonymous said...

romping rollicking fun, but, pray tell me, who is the person in the spiderman suit?
so this is a taste of what it's going to be like at Xmas...will we also get fluorescent pink cocktails? Should be prepare for this? Special lining of the stomach, like, Milk or Kouzou?

scatteredsisters said...

You must prepare for an alien themed xmas table. I cannot reveal more at this point. S1