Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sick with desire

Dear Sisters,

Hope this message finds you well.
You can usually tell how exciting my life is by looking at my studio floor. Here you see the vortex of inspiration with silence in the middle, for it is here that I am working. Opening this Saturday of my soloproject "Sailing to Byzantium" at the amazing Verbeke Foundation (more about that later), from 6pm onwards; everyone welcome!! There is lots and lots going on, more than 100 artists involved in the G58-G59 Mass Akker group show...and I find the other solo projects by Saskia Van Imhoff and Jacobus Kloppenburg (both from the NL) hugely interesting. There is SO much to see, I haven't even seen half of what is going on yet... as I have been preparing the labyrinth in which I am to exhibit the work. The title comes from the poem by W.B. Yeats.

It's on for 6 months, so maybe you'll get to see it all.
Must dash, and, for example, clear the floor.


scatteredsisters said...

Good luck, S2. Hope it all goes well. Sorry I can't be there! Am now preparing Thanksgiving - our get-to-gether has grown to 14 adults and 7 kids. Will it fit?


Anonymous said...

yes goodluck indeed ! Am thinking of you both as i am painting a picture of a very thick green forest with fields. There are so many trees to paint, oeftie poeftie ! Hope you had a good thanksgiving S1, it sounds like a lot of work ! Hope it was fun ! Ok , back to the trees> Lots of love and enjoyment to you both! I will definately come and see your exhibition S2, looking forward, it sounds amazing! S3

Anonymous said...

oeftie poeftie indeed.