Saturday, October 18, 2008

sitting inside a Hopper painting whilst moths are in my cupboard

Two days ago i was in Vienna on a school trip for the first time.

And the day before that we were in south Moravia ( thats the east of Czech Republic ) about one and a half hours by train from Vienna , visiting a monastery and hospice for whom we will each be making a painting. It was a bit akward meeting the patients but then again it felt very normal and part of life. It was a bit sad and we werent really prepared, all of us were sitting in the corridor with a crumpled expression on our faces or running to the nearest door to get a gulp of fresh air. We have all decided to make landscapes and put them on the ceiling for the people in the comas. Even though we did ask one man what sort of painting he would like to look at and he said a painting of a naked woman. And one lady wanted to have a landscape of south Moravia with a nice frame. We will see how the ideas develope.
In any case it was a good and positive experience going there.

That's me inside a Hopper painting by the way , which is the reason why i have been absent from blogland for so long.
In Vienna we were looking at Van Gogh drawings and paintings. His drawings are absolutely beautiful ,landscapes drawn in brown ink with pencil and reed pens he made himself. My schoolmates and i were all looking at them very intensly that we somehow felt we were inside of them, travelling. It was very nice indeed. Then we went to the Edward Hopper exhibition and there were only five of his paintings there and all the rest was contemporary artists work inspired by his work. The painting i was swallowed by was an installation by Jeff Wall and we had a lot of fun posing infront of the camera.
Im now back in Prague sttling back into my little nest trying to sort out all my stuff and get rid of the moths that took a liking to my cupboard this summer. They have been very rude and eaten little holes into my nice teeshirts.
But to keep smiling and singing i hereby send you a little song that i would like to sing at my next puppetshow at christmas.
And maybe we could sing it together as a carol on christmas day. Please learn the text by heart for it to be more convincing.
Thankyou and hugs


Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I am actually preparing to sing a piece that is as complex as that right now...wish me luck, dilligence and accurate intonation.